For almost 10 years in the Industry, Blue Lake Turf has expanded from a reasonable size home based business, to a large scale Turf Supplier. Our continued strength and success is due to the continued diligence in our Turf planting,establishment, growth and ongoing care. Coupled with one on one client service ensures that your specific needs are met.


This consistency from start to finish has cemented our position as a leading Turf Supplier in the SA region. Our reputation as a quality supplier also sees our Turf delivered to major city areas and surrounding suburbs for a variety of purposes. Turf is not only limited to a front and back lawn, or home development. It has large scale value when deadlines and instant beautification are required. 


Instant Lawn is a valuable investment. It is surprisingly cost effective too. It is so easy to have your area completely transformed in a very short period of time. At Blue Lake Turf Supplies, you have the option of picking up your Turf or having it delivered to you (larger quantities). All you need to do is prepare the area for the new lawn (Adam can assist you through this process), have the area measured by us, or yourself, and choose your Turf Type. Turf is available in roll form, and is harvested as needed. No obligation, free quotes are simply a phone call away.  


  • Existing home areas

  • New home developments

  • Parks

  • Ovals

  • Sporting Arenas

  • Anywhere!


Using a measuring tape, measure the widest length by the widest width in metres. The area is multiplied giving you the square metres needed for the area to be covered in new lawn. If you are still unsure, please give Adam a call to assist you further.

ie. length 10m, width 8m = 80 sqaure metres


Line Planting assists us during the period of Turf replenishment. It is a towable machine that is able  to "chop" existing Turf into small pieces and at the same time, plant it back directly back into the ground. This is an economical way to regenerate very large areas where time is not a major factor. Line planting is  far more effective than direct seeding as you already have established material to begin with. Line planting ensures that all areas are covered evenly. Seeding is highly unreliable in this regard, and environmental elements (weather, birds, foot traffic, etc) make it extremely difficult to obtain any sort of uniform successful growth. 

Our Line Planter is available for dry hire. If you feel that this could be a solution to your problem, please call Adam to discuss this option further.

Blue Lake Turf Supplies, Woodlands Rd, Yahl, SA, 5291.  Phone: Adam 0418854764  Email: bluelaketurfsupplies@outlook.com