Is Instant Lawn expensive?

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Instant lawn is a smart investment.

I could go on and on about the trials, tribulations and tears over people's unsuccessful attempts at seeding their lawn whilst eventually deciding to go the Instant Lawn route. Growing grass may sound easy, but it is subject to a lot of pitfalls. Too much seed, not enough seed, germination issues, incorrect prep, over and underwatering, environmental factors, bugs, birds, people, you name it! Turf is EASY! You measure, prep, phone and ta-da! You have a healthy and uniform lawn. 

There are no middle men in our business which is why our Turf price is unbeatable.  We are owner operated and you will always speak with the person who is growing, cutting and delivering the grass. We know that is a rarity these days, but that means there is no sacrifice on quality. The buck stops here.

Instant Lawn without a doubt adds value to your home. One of the first things you notice when looking at homes is the presentation of the front. It is a major selling point of homes, and people really do take notice. Blue Lake Turf Supplies is the preferred Supplier to both the residential and commercial markets. Give us a call, and we can give you a no obligation free quote of your area. Be pleasantly surprised.