How much notice do you need, and can I view the Turf onsite?

We only need a couple of days notice to have your Turf made available to you. There are very good reasons as to why we don't have Turf already cut and waiting for clients. Turf is a living thing. Once it is cut, it is needing to go to it's new area asap. I know that there are places that have Turf sitting and waiting for someone to come along, however the problem with doing this is that the roots dry out quickly and can compromise the success of transplanting into your area. We cut when it is the right time. We want your Turf to be in optimum health when you get it. There are many factors that are considered when cutting your Turf, which includes what the weather is doing! A couple of days notice gives you time to change your mind if it is going to pour down over the weekend, or something comes up, or if it's going to be stinking hot! Let's face it, this is Australia and anything can happen! 

Turf can certainly be viewed onsite. If you want to see what your area would look like on the larger scale, pop out for a look! Have a roll around! Just give us a call to let us know, and Adam can meet you there to discuss any other questions you may have.

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